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Quai des Ludes

Quai des Ludes is a real Ali Baba’s Cave with more than 8 500 games and toys for every age category/group that you can borrow. In addition, you have the opportunity to benefit from toy librarians’ wise advice.
This associative library full of games and toys offers as well unique areas/spaces/rooms destined for playing. We can find, for example, discovery games for babies, costumes and accessories to tell stories, building games, dexterity and board games and also video games for older.
Our team is available to entertain you, thanks to its specialty : hosting games. They will be glad to welcome your family and share an enjoyable moment with you.
Also, our staff will be pleased to organize your own events such as personal and/or birthday parties.


Garderie - Jeux

Moreover, the child-care center can baby-sit your kids from 4 to 12 years old. A useful solution for parents!
Our organizers will mainly provide creative and manual activities.

Bar à Jeux 

( Bar and restaurant where you can play)

Last but not least, Quai des Ludes owns the Bar à Jeux where you can taste homemade dishes and quench your thirst. Laugh, jokes, conviviality and a relaxed atmosphere guaranteed!

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